Fecha de publicación: 29/05/2018

In the framework of the participation of the Uruguayan soccer team in the 2018 World Cup, Uruguay XXI will carry out different promotional interventions with the purpose of making Uruguay known as a reliable food producer, and a tourism and investment destination.

The Soccer World Cup is a great showcase for all participating countries, and in the case of Uruguay, this sport is an infallible business card abroad. Accompanying the achievements of the Uruguayan national team, Uruguay XXI - the agency that manages the Country Brand - has planned different promotional activities focused on food buyers, entrepreneurs and potential investors, international press and public opinion.

The country promotion activities in Russia will be accompanied by an international campaign of digital content associated with the country brand. Under the motto #OtrosGolesDeUruguay, the digital campaign aims at positioning the country as a logistics and technology hub, a producer of reliable food, a reference in clean energy, institutional quality, macroeconomic quality and quality of life.

The digital promotion accompanies the interventions in Moscow, coordinated together with the Uruguayan Embassy in Russia, which aim at making visible cultural, touristic and gastronomic aspects of the country.

Likewise, on June 15 - the day of Uruguay's debut match - as well as on June 20, there will be a tasting of national products at the Barvikha Hotel in Moscow. The gastronomic coordination of the event is in charge of the renowned sommelier Javier Muyala and the chef and owner of the Sacramento restaurant, Sebastián Barcos, who will present meats, wines, olive oils, cheeses, caviar and rice in different preparations.

The Uruguayan product promotion instances will also show, live and by the Uruguayan percussionist Tatita Márquez, the song "United by Love", one of the official pieces of the sports event, performed by Natalia Oreiro and with a candombe base composed by Márquez.

On Thursday June 21 at the Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow, a photographic exhibition commemorating the World Cup of 1930, the first in history, will be carried out, with Uruguay as the protagonist for being the host and champion.

The country promotion actions around the World Cup began with the contest that called Uruguayans to explain to the world what the mythical "garra charrúa" means. The modality of participation was through fictional or documentaries videos that answered the question "How would you explain to the world what the Garra Charrúa is?". The author of the winning video will be awarded with two tickets to Russia.

The campaign also included testimonial videos of well-known Uruguayan figures, such as the actress and singer Natalia Oreiro, the leading musician of the Nos Quartet, Roberto Musso and the retired footballer Pablo Forlán, who offered his interpretation of the concept that has defined the strength of the celeste (sky-blue) national team throughout its history.

Uruguay XXI promotional activities are organized in close collaboration with the Uruguayan embassy in Russia, and along with the Ministry of Sports and the Ministry of Tourism, natural institutional partners in the promotion of the country abroad.

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