Uruguay arrives at Gamescom Latam with three nominated videogames

The country participates in the event with a stand and a delegation of studios led by Uruguay XXI and ACAU in coordination with CAVI
Publication date: 28/06/2024

Uruguay is marking a significant presence at the first edition of Gamescom Latam, to be held from June 26-30, 2024, in São Paulo, Brazil. With a country stand and a delegation of six studios organized by Uruguay XXI and the Uruguayan Film and Audiovisual Agency (ACAU) under the sector brand Uruguay Video Games, in collaboration with the Uruguayan Chamber of Video Game Developers (CAVI), the country is set to consolidate the promotion of a thriving sector that has gained a relevant place in the global industry.

Three Uruguayan games have nominations for essential awards at the event: Junkworld by Ironhide Game Studio in the best mobile game category, Tourist Trap by Tragicomedia, which in 2023 was supported by Uruguay XXI to go to GDC and BIG Festival, and Wings of Endless by Isoca Games as the best game in Latin America. These titles highlight the quality and creativity of Uruguayan developers, reaffirming the country’s position in the international video game scene.

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Europe’s most prominent video game fair, Gamescom, has been a flagship event in Germany since 2009. A Latin American edition is being held for the first time, replacing the prestigious BIG Festival in Sao Paulo, recognized as the leading independent video game event in Latin America. This event not only showcases the world’s most innovative video games to the public but also aims to become the main meeting point for industry professionals.

Participation in Gamescom Latam continues Uruguay’s ongoing effort to promote its video game industry in international markets. In 2023, Uruguay had an outstanding participation in the BIG Festival, the largest sector gathering in Latin America. Two Uruguayan video games, Iron Marines Invasion by Ironhide Game Studio and The Black Pepper Crew by Quijipixel, stood out among the finalists. The delegation included nine national studios, which used the BIG Festival platform to connect with important international publishers and explore opportunities in Latin America.

Now, at Gamescom Latam, Uruguay continues with this promotional strategy. The event offers an extensive agenda of conferences, workshops, and a business forum for the video game industry. Uruguay’s booth has become a focal point highlighting the country’s achievements and creativity.

The video game sector in Uruguay has shown remarkable growth, with a 100% increase in the number of companies from 2013 to 2020 and millions of downloads of games created in the country. This success has attracted foreign companies such as Etermax, Globant, Endava, and Jam City, which have chosen Uruguay as a center of operations due to its competitive advantages.

The Uruguayan video game industry is characterized as a collaborative and dynamic community. Events such as Level UY, which promotes culture and development opportunities, are proof of this innovative spirit. In addition, Uruguay pioneered Latin America in offering university degrees for professionals in the sector, contributing to the industry’s growth and professionalization.

By participating in Gamescom Latam, Uruguay seeks to strengthen its presence in the global market and reaffirm its commitment to developing and promoting its video game industry.

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