Uruguay present at LAC Flavors 2022

The country, which supplies more than 150 markets with its quality production, will participate in one of the most important events of the food and beverage sector in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Publication date: 07/07/2022

With an outstanding proposal in food quality, Uruguay will be present at Lac Flavors from July 11 to 13, one of the most important annual meetings for the food industry.

LAC Flavors is one of the most important business meetings of the Food and Beverage sector in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), bringing together hundreds of exporters from the region with buyers of food products from all over the world.  

Uruguay will once again be present with its high quality and world-renowned products that supply more than 150 countries.

In addition to a long tradition in agro-industrial exports, Uruguayan products are recognized for their optimal production conditions and application of state-of-the-art technologies. It has one of the most complete and sophisticated information systems in the world thanks to the incorporation of technology, georeferencing and traceability system with more than a decade of development. This makes it possible to know the different stages of the product from point one to the table.

 More than half of Uruguay's exports of goods are food, which demonstrates the importance of this sector and the confidence of buyers who legitimize it as a world-class producer and exporter.

Uruguay's rice and wine industries will be present at the fair

This year Uruguayan companies Ururice and Viña Eden will be present representing the rice and wine industries.

The humid subtropical climate with year-round rainfall, the fertile soil and the systematic application of technologies constitute a favorable ecosystem for rice production, which, together with model agricultural practices for the whole world, are the reasons why this crop has an outstanding development and high export levels.

The history of wine in Uruguay is more than 250 years old and this is one of the reasons that have contributed to the recognition it enjoys in international markets. It is the first country in Latin America with geo-referencing of all its establishments and all its viticulture traced. This provides information on its origin and trajectory, from the cluster to the bottle, the geographical location of the crop and the characteristics of the winery.