Uruguay XXI accompanied official mission to China

The official mission, led by the Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, Carolina Cosse, aimed to promote trade between both countries and attract investment in the ICT sector.
Publication date: 28/02/2018

The executive director of Uruguay XXI, Antonio Carámbula together with the team of Uruguay Smart Services was part of the delegation led by the Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, Ing. Carolina Cosse. The mission had a large agenda of activities between January 31 and February 6, 2018.

This is the first official mission to China this year, in the framework of the 30-year agenda of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, after the recent visit of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and after the China meeting -CELAC held weeks ago in Santiago de Chile.

In statements made to the Secretariat of Communication of the Presidency, the executive director of Uruguay XXI, Antonio Carámbula stressed the importance of this first mission to the Asian country, within the framework of the current strategic partnership agreement signed in 2016 by the presidents Tabaré Vázquez and Xi Jinping, which underpins bilateral cooperation and trade.

In addition to the director Antonio Carámbula, the management and executives of the Global Services Program of Uruguay XXI and representatives of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining participated in the mission. The mission was attended by the president of the Uruguayan Chamber of Information Technology (CUTI), Leonardo Loureiro, representatives of 25 companies in the sector and the head of the Uruguay-China Chamber of Commerce, Gabriel Rozman.

EThe main objective of the trip, which was carried out in close collaboration with the Uruguayan embassy in China, is the promotion of trade between this country and Uruguay, the attraction of investments in the information and communication technologies sector, as well as the exchange with some of the most important technology firms in the country, both in the city of Shenzhen (province of Canton), and in the capital, Beijing. Meetings were also held with the China International Trade Promotion Agency (CCPIT), together with which Uruguay XXI organized the 11th China-LAC Summit.


During the tour, two business seminars were held, dictated by Minister Cosse, about business and investment opportunities in information and communication technologies in Uruguay. Said instances contemplated "B2B" business exchange spaces between the Chinese participants and the business delegation of our country. 

About our business partner

China is Uruguay's main trading partner in terms of goods. In 2017, 28% of the total exported goods went to the People's Republic of China and our country is one of the most important exporters of meat to that country.

However, Uruguay still has a vast potential for exchange with China, either in the promotion of investment opportunities in infrastructure and technologies, or in the promotion of traditional services, tourism and logistics.

The expansion of global services, highlighting the role of regional corporate centers, is another of Uruguay's business attractions. Today, our country is positioned globally as a hub -center or network of operations- oriented to high quality corporate services. Its strategic location and access to an expanded market, institutional trust and macroeconomic strength, legislation favorable to the installation of productive investments, as well as Uruguay's leadership in communication, clean energies, fiber optics, internet penetration and availability of human talent , are some of the factors that make Uruguay highly competitive in this regard.