Uruguay XXI participated in the new edition of the Exporting Effort distinctions ceremony

On December 14, Uruguay XXI was invited to participate in the 2020 edition of the Export Effort distinctions an event organized by the Banco República (BROU) and the Unión de Exportadores del Uruguay (UEU).
Publication date: 15/12/2020

The event included the video participation of the Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining Omar Paganini; and in person the president of the BROU Salvador Ferre, the president of the UEU Andrea Roth, and the executive director of Uruguay XXI Jaime Miller.

As every year, a group of companies were recognized in the categories of major exporters in Uruguay - both general, sectorial and clients of the BROU - for their performance in the period October 2019 - September 2020.

At the request of Uruguay XXI, this year the Free Zone exporters were also distinguished.

The three awards for the largest general exporters and the distinctions for the sectoral exporters of the first 20 export items were granted on the basis of the Mercosur common nomenclature at two digits (chapter) with data provided by Uruguay XXI on the basis of the National Customs Directorate (DNA).

This year, the export sector was again recognized in the service sector, with a distinction being made for professional services in architecture and engineering, ICTs and audiovisuals.

In addition, three special recognitions were granted to the main export destinations: China, Brazil and the United States. In turn, two "green" awards were given for their efforts in environmentally friendly production.

The ceremony was held at the Central House of Banco República, was transmitted virtually and the recording of it is available at this link.