Uruguayan agencies Havas Gurisa and Wildfi awarded at Ojo de Iberoamérica 2023

To promote the international positioning of the advertising industry, Uruguay XXI supported the entry of pieces in the contest.
Publication date: 23/11/2023

With outstanding participation in the prestigious advertising and communication festival, the Ojo de Iberoamérica 2023, two agencies won essential awards. Havas Gurisa and Wildfi demonstrated their creative excellence in an event that brought together the best advertising in Ibero-America.

El Ojo de Iberoamérica, one of the most valuable awards for Spanish-speaking agencies, celebrated its 25th year by recognizing and rewarding creativity and excellence in the region’s advertising, marketing, and communication.

This was the first time Uruguay XXI participated in this renowned event, supporting local agencies’ participation. To achieve this, it worked together with the Círculo Uruguayo de la Publicidad, coordinating the presentation of pieces awarded gold at Desachate, the event that highlights local creative excellence. Eight winning companies, including Amén McCann, From, Havas Gurisa, Plutón, Publicis Impetu, Wildfi, La Mayor, and Metrópolis, were supported to enter their work in the international festival.

Uruguayan agencies won 10 metals and 21 finalists. After 14 years, and thanks to the work of Havas Gurisa, which won the Great Eye for radio and audio, Uruguay once again won a Great Eye, demonstrating that the national industry is at the best level in the region and the world.

Wildfi's piece "Desde el lugar del otro", which was entered with the support of Uruguay XXI and was created for Techo Uruguay, won second place (silver) in the category Acciones de bien público en plataformas digitales. In addition, two other pieces by Wildfi were on the shortlist in the categories of posters and public roads, as well as sound.

During the event, which took place in Buenos Aires, the Uruguayan delegation, together with the board of the Círculo Uruguayo de la Publicidad, participated in conferences, workshops, and networking activities. The president of VML Y&R and Wunderman Thompson Uruguay, Álvaro Moré, gave a talk entitled Artificial Intelligence Applied to Marketing, which offered an opportunity to see the state of the art of artificial intelligence and how it is redefining the frontiers of advertising and marketing.