Música de la Tierra, the Latin American music market arrives for the first time

More than a dozen international festival programmers arrive in Uruguay.
Publication date: 19/02/2020

Since 2018, and with the aim of strengthening the process of internationalization of cultural industries, Uruguay XXI is carrying out a plan to promote the Creative Industries as a priority sector within its international promotion work. Following the curatorial line of the Festival Música de la Tierra, Uruguay XXI joins the First Latin American Market Music, Música de la Tierra.

The activity, organized jointly with Cooparte and the Festival Música de la Tierra, is a professional space dedicated to the encounter of the music of Uruguay and Latin America with the world. This first edition will take place on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 March 2020 at Jacksonville Park and will bring together important international and national music programmers and artists from Uruguay and the region.

This is an excellent opportunity for the musicians to showcase the highlights of their repertoires with the aim of reaching new opportunities.

The activity is aimed at musicians, producers, programmers of venues, festivals and cycles, technicians, record labels, publishers, specialized press, digital entrepreneurs, specialized institutions and government institutions. Its purpose is to install a professional market dedicated to the dissemination of Latin American popular music and genres. The idea is to open up opportunities beyond borders for emerging musicians, in order to contribute to their development and future strengthening.

The market will include commercial rounds and meetings, talks and workshops to strengthen networks that promote the circulation of creators, as well as concerts and spaces for informal meetings between managers, artists and professionals from different areas of music.

Get to know the Market's activities

Business rounds

Individual meeting spaces between music buyers and suppliers, which constitute a unique opportunity to identify strategic partners for the circulation of artistic projects abroad. Those who are accredited will be able to schedule one-on-one meetings by sharing a meeting with international programmers. Cooparte and Uruguay XXI will provide two days of training prior to the event.

Concerts by Uruguayan musicians

The international programmers will attend 10 concerts by Uruguayan musicians scheduled on the three stages of the 10th Música de la Tierra Festival.

Artistic rounds (show cases)

Guest programmers will participate. For this instance, 10 artistic proposals will be selected to be part of the conferences and the bands programmed by the Festival will also be present.

During the Market there will also be workshops, round tables and talks with the aim of generating enriching exchanges that will favour the circulation of Latin American music inside and outside the continent.

Those interested in applying can find out more and register here.

Meet the programmers who will participate

Some of the personalities that will arrive at the festival thanks to the support of Uruguay XXI are: the artistic producer of Usina de Arte of Buenos Aires, María Ayelén DeCuzzi, the Brazilian music and festival producer, Carlos Badía, the director of Núcleo Contemporâneo de São Paulo, Benjamin Tubkin, the member of the music team of the Cultural Action Management of Sesc of São Paulo, Priscila Rahal Gutierrez, the executive manager of Cultural Action of the Centro Dragón del Mar de Arte y Cultura in Fortaleza, Brazil, Marcio Caetano, the director of the platform Planea Música in Asunción, Paraguay, Lucas Toriño and the executive director of the Chilean company Trasandina Producciones, Pablo Mora.

Other foreign representatives will also arrive: the director of Vivo Cultura Producciones , Bernardo Iglesias (Mendoza, Argentina), the director and curator at Savassi Festival, Bruno Golgher (Belo Horizonte, Brazil), the cultural producer, Carlos Villalba (Buenos Aires, Argentina), the cultural manager, programmer and manager, Eduardo Bavorovsky (Santa Fe, Argentina), the director of Esto is also playing, Juan Langellotti (El Chaco, Argentina) and the advisor to the Education and Culture Commission of the Legislative Assembly of Rio Grande do Sul, Mariana Martinez (Porto Alegre, Brazil).

On behalf of Uruguay, some of the participants are: the programmer and director of the Museum Hall and programmer of Cosquín Rock, Camilo Sequeira, the director of the Kalvin Cultural Centre of Maldonado, Ignacio Rodríguez Srabonián, for SODRE, Martín Inthamoussu, the president of the cultural movement Jazz a la calle de Mercedes, Miriam Lamas, the director of Jazz Tour, Philippe Pinet, the director of Sala Zitarrosa, Jorge Schellemberg and the management team of the Complejo Cultural Politeama of Canelones, Patricia Pereira.

Música de la Tierra was born as a festival in 2011 and in a few years it became a cultural platform of contents related to music, identity, the earth and environmental sustainability. It includes festivals, music cycles, workshops, markets and a daily radio program called "La Canoa" that addresses issues of interest to the project. More than 30,000 viewers a year consume content on this platform through different formats. Through concerts and festivals, Música de la Tierra seeks to bring together quality artists with a vocation for integration, whose creations build bridges between countries within a framework of cultural diversity. 

To access the brochure of the participating programmers, click here