Fecha de publicación: 30/11/2018

In February 2018, Uruguay was the first Latin American country to enter Digital 9 (D9).

Uruguay assumed the presidency of the D9, the working group of the countries with the most digitized governments in the world, made up of Estonia, Israel, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada, Portugal, Mexico and South Korea.

Uruguay, the first Latin American country to join this select group in February 2018, assumed the leadership of the organization at the last meeting held in November in Jerusalem. 

According to information provided by the Assistant Secretary of the Presidency of the Republic, Juan Andrés Roballo, this novelty commits the country to organize the summit next year in our territory and lead the working groups referred to digital identity, artificial intelligence and digital rights.

During the meeting, where the experiences of each member country were shared, Uruguay held bilateral meetings with authorities from Israel, Estonia, the Republic of Korea and Portugal and presented the country's progress in this area and initiatives such as the digitalization of procedures, the gub.uy portal, public registries, spatial data infrastructure, mobile identity and the digital security operations center, according to the Presidency portal.

Roballo stressed that "in Uruguay, the introduction of technology was a fundamental tool for equity and social inclusion" and that these values are at the heart of the country's digital public policies. He also referred to universal access to the Internet, livestock traceability and Plan Ceibal and Plan Ibirapitá, among other projects.

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