Uruguay takes its food, technology and logistics industry to Expo Dubai

The country is present at Expo Dubai, the first universal exposition to take place in this part of the world and which welcomes more than 190 countries.
Publication date: 06/10/2021

Uruguay is present at Expo Dubai, the first universal exhibition to take place in this part of the world, with a lot to offer, according to statements made by the Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, Omar Paganini.

"Uruguay produces food for 30 million or more people and we are 3 million, so we are a net exporter country, with an efficient, competitive agribusiness, which has quality levels recognized worldwide," said the Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, Omar Paganini during his visit to the Uruguay pavilion.

Paganini considered that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is "an ideal area due to its need for food imports", since it is a desert country with hardly any production and which depends on imports from the Middle East, Africa or Asia.

"This sector can benefit from better exchanges, the information technology services sector, in which Uruguay is very prominent, can diversify as it is very much oriented to the United States" he pointed out.

Likewise, logistics is another interesting sector for Uruguay, highlighted the minister, who underlined that "the powerful logistics of the Gulf can be complemented with the distribution in the South of America".

"Our mechanisms of free zones and free ports, our special tax and financial management and investment regimes make us attractive to integrate not only Uruguay but also this area of the world with this other one," Paganini detailed.

The minister considered that "Uruguay is in a good moment to open up to the world and expand internationally, after handling the pandemic without a lockdown and with a very high level of vaccination of the population", which places it in an optimal sanitary situation at present.

"The world is in a reset and there are opportunities that appear every day, we want to take advantage of them, we want to be known. We are a country that is far from the main centers of the world, we are a country of few inhabitants, but we have a lot to offer," Paganini reiterated.

(Based on EFE)