Uruguay XXI visited Belo Horizonte and Porto Alegre to promote the country's investment advantages

In November, agency delegations made presentations to businessmen in Brazil.
Publication date: 21/12/2018

Representatives of the country's investment, export and brand promotion agency, Uruguay XXI, presented in Belo Horizonte the advantages offered by Uruguay to invest to a group of client companies of Banco Santander.

In total, 30 businessmen from multiple sectors participated, mainly agribusiness, construction and a company interested in the production of cannabis for medicinal purposes, who were interested in the current benefits, projects and sectors that Uruguay promotes.

During the mission, a meeting was held with the Consul of Belo Horizonte and with the Commercial and Business Association of Minas Gerais. The Mineiro State is the largest economy in Brazil after São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

There was also a visit to Porto Alegre as part of the meeting of businessmen from the Southern Cone and Portugal. The main objective of this meeting was to intensify economic cooperation and trade between Portuguese and Portuguese-speaking businessmen operating in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Portugal, focusing on cooperation in the areas of industry and trade, investment and the opportunities that the Mercosur-European Union Agreement can generate in the Southern Cone and in Portugal, as well as support for foreign investment made available by these countries.

Uruguay XXI participated in this meeting on Thursday November 29 invited by representatives of the Chamber of Industries and in particular the Chamber of Autoparts. There was a presentation of all the advantages that Uruguay has to produce and redistribute to the region and as a focus of foreign investment, both in Europe and America.

The agency provided examples of the auto parts and automotive sector, and highlighted the priority given by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining to the production of electric vehicles in Uruguay in the medium term.

Both activities were aimed at positioning the country as an investment destination, showing the advantages and differentials it offers and attracting new investments.

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