Uruguayan book “El Combatiente” charms Greek readers through the IDA Program

Renzo Rossello’s work is one of over 50 Uruguayan creations translated under the National Directorate of Culture and Uruguay XXI program
Publication date: 20/05/2024

The IDA Program, a joint initiative of the National Directorate of Culture and the investment and export promotion agency Uruguay XXI has been a key tool for the internationalization of Uruguayan literature. Dedicated to supporting the translation of national works, the program makes it easier for Uruguayan authors to transcend borders. A recent example of its success is the translation into Greek of “El Combatiente,” a work by Uruguayan writer Renzo Rossello, by translator Danai Tachtara as part of the 2022 edition of the program.

This was an opportunity for the Greeks to get closer to Uruguay’s literary richness. The translator shared her impressions and experiences in an interview with Uruguay XXI.

“What I know so far, such as Renzo Rossello, Mario Levrero, and Rodolfo Santullo, evidences the high literary level,” expressed the translator. She also added that the reading of “Desastres naturales” (Estuario Editora) by Tamara Silva Bernaschina was revealing. “Such a young author, with such mature writing, speaks of a high-quality cultural and literary background,” she said.

Tachtara highlighted the collaboration with Renzo Rossello during the translation process of “The Combatant.” “It was like any translator would dream of. Renzo, always friendly from the beginning, was willing to answer my questions and resolve doubts.” This fluency and mutual respect proved essential to achieving a high-quality translation that resonated with the Greek audience.

The impact of “The Combatant” in Greece has been significant. Five hundred copies were printed, and the novel not only captured the attention of readers but was also included in the best police works published in Greece for 2024.

“‘The Combatant’ won over its Greek reading public. Its plot gripped them, and they were left wanting to read more from Renzo’s hand,” revealed the translator.

This translation’s success underscores the IDA program’s objective, which seeks to boost the export of Uruguayan literature by facilitating the translation of Uruguayan works into various languages for foreign publishers.

Authors such as Leonor Courtoisie, Mercedes Rosende, Marosa Di Giorgio, and Felipe Polleri were among those who translated their works with support from the 2023 edition of the program, which this year supported the internationalization of eleven Uruguayan literary works into languages such as French, Italian, Portuguese and Serbian, in addition to the production of an audiobook in Spanish.

The program was launched in 2019 and has since promoted more than 50 Uruguayan authors and translated more than 50 national works into 11 languages. In addition, it supported the translation into English of excerpts of works for their international promotion and the production of seven audiobooks.

The story of Danai Tachtara and “El Combatiente” testifies to the growing interest in Uruguayan literature on the world stage.

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Applications for the sixth edition of the IDA Program will open on Tuesday, May 21.