Google confirms the construction of a global data center in Uruguay.

Uruguay consolidates its position as a destination for large technology companies and strengthens its position as an innovation and technology hub.
Publication date: 01/11/2023

Google will move forward with constructing a global data center in Uruguay after the multinational has approved the environmental permits. It is the second data center of the technology giant in the region, the other being in Chile.

“For Uruguay, it is an excellent sign, in the sense of the advance of innovation, technology, and the digital economy,” said the Secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado, in a press conference. The intention is to lay the foundation stone of the project in March.

A few days ago, the company presented the Environmental Impact Study and the Project Document, the previous steps to obtain the Preliminary Environmental Authorization (AAP).

In 2021, the technology giant acquired a 30-hectare site in the Parque de las Ciencias free trade zone, located in the department of Canelones, a few minutes from the capital. The acquisition, which sought to guarantee options to expand its data centers, was an essential milestone in the company’s expansion process. It confirmed its commitment “to Uruguay and Latin America,” as the North American company explained.

With this new step by the company, in addition to the arrival of the world’s most extended submarine cable - named Firminia - which will link the east coast of the United States with Punta del Este, Uruguay is consolidating its position as a destination for large technology companies and strengthening its position as an innovation and technology hub for the region and the world. This new project will improve access to Google services for South American users.

The announcement confirming the progress of the construction was made in the last hours by Google representatives Eleonora Rabinovich, leader of Government Relations and Public Policy for Latin America, and Tamar Colodenco, Google’s Government Relations and Public Policy Manager for the Southern Cone, in a meeting held at the Executive Tower with Álvaro Delgado and the Ministers of Industry, Energy and Mining, Omar Paganini and Environment, Robert Bouvier.

This announcement “places the country in a privileged position to take advantage of the opportunity to capture investments in the dynamic and growing data storage market, derived from the explosive development of Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and Big Data,” published by the Presidency.

Located in an economically attractive region, Uruguay is one of the most reliable countries to do business. Many international technology firms and global companies choose it as a base for their international or regional headquarters.

Uruguay’s competitive advantages include multilingual and highly qualified talent, a time zone beneficial for doing business with large global markets, and cultural affinity. Added are its advanced telecommunications infrastructure, a highly digitized society, and excellent tax benefits and government incentives.