Uruguay ranked among the countries with the fastest mobile Internet speeds in the world

Uruguay ranks fourth among countries, and Montevideo is second among cities according to the Global Speedtest Index.
Publication date: 11/09/2023

Ookla’s Global Speedtest Index ranked Uruguay as the fourth country in the world regarding mobile Internet speed, while Montevideo ranked second among the cities with the fastest service.

Uruguay’s mobile Internet download speed is 149.08 megabits per second, while the world average is 42.35 megabits per second. This characteristic places it well above the region’s countries, as Brazil in 46th place and Chile in 74th place complete the podium in Latin America.

In the case of cities, Montevideo is second in the world in mobile download speed, surpassed only by Dubai.

Uruguay was the first country in Latin America and the third in the world to begin the deployment of a commercial 5G mobile network. This situation has helped it to achieve these good results.

The country is a world-class business center that has made remarkable technological advances. Its exceptional connectivity and Internet penetration propelled it to be the most advanced Latin American nation in ICT development and the region’s largest per capita exporter of software.

With a solid and first-class technological infrastructure, which is the result of an intensive public investment strategy that allowed it to position itself among the first in Latin America in Internet penetration, Uruguay has household connectivity of 88% and 100% in public schools, as well as high participation of fiber optic connections.